Anaplan Connection to Hyperion (HFM)




I am working with a client who is trying to understand how the connection of Anaplan to Hyperion (HFM) works. From our last call the main concerns were around when items are refreshed and what can and cannot be automated. Does anyone know if there are articles or previous questions that could assist with some generalizations on this?


The below conversation seemed to be looking for something similar. 

Anaplan Data Integration with Hyperion 


Thank you!


  • @chris57 Currently, there are not direct connectors between Anaplan and Hyperion (HFM). 


    A solution to solve the integration is using the TXT files...

    Not sure in your case which system is source or target...but the Source system needs to create a TXT file which the Target system needs to import. 


    For every system( Anaplan or HFM) there are solutions to automatically create TXT files, so there are ways to automate this integration. 


    Hope it helps