Property Definition in Line items


I want to be clear about the definitions of different properties of Lists.

These properties are - Referenced in Applies To, Referenced as Format, Referenced in Formula, Next item index?

Could you kindly explain?

Thanks in advance.




Best Answer

  • Hello @sandipsinha15 ,


    Applies To - The list is used as a dimension for these modules listed in this

    Referenced as Format - A line item is using this list as a format. This list members will be available as drop down in the line item

    Referenced in Formula - The list is referenced in a formula, for eg, functions like Finditem, item, uses the lists as an argument



    Next item index - Each member is assigned a specific index. Once an index is created, it is not reusable even after deletion of the member. Generally this is not so used in modeling. Only when a list index crosses 1 billion mark, we have to reset the list.





    Refer here for more details