Numbered List in Data Hub to General List in Spoke Model


Dear Members,


I am trying to import from from a Numbered List in Data Hub to a General List in Spoke Model. 

In the Import Mapping settings pop up, it does not map any members automatically and the only option available to do is manually. Has anyone faced this issue?

Is there a way to make this mapping automated?


Thank you. 


  • @CommunityMember118093 

    Use the list code to map your numbered list in hub to the spoke model.

    If you have no code then create a process where you able to concatenate properties in the hub so this can be exported to the spoke model when you create the target list.

    When working with numbered lists always map the code as this is the only way to uniquely identify each list item. 

  • I'd recommend using a properties module in the data hub to set up the export. It's not recommended to do a list to list import between models.

    Create a module with the numbered list as a dimension, set up line items for the code & name, save a view with the relevant data/line items. Then import it into the spoke model list.

  • @jackcplanning  That is how I am doing. I am importing from a module view where Product and Profit Center are numbered lists, into a module in Spoke model where these 2 dims are General Lists. When I am try to map these, I get the system generated identifiers for those 2 lists which does not match with any members in the General List (in spoke model). Is there a way to handle this?




  • It looks like it's trying to map on the numbered list name (which is a unique number generated by Anaplan). You will want to use a code instead. Add two line items in the source module (profit_center code & product code) with the code. It should then map to the target list. Let me know if that helps.
  • In the data hub, create a saved module view of the data you want to export. Create a line item for each numbered list dimension and use it to display the list item's code (preferably by linking to your system modules). Then when you import into the spoke model, in your case you'll map to the two new line items and ignore the numbered list dimensions.


    Here is an example of a similar import I created. In my case, the F2 Fund dimension is numbered so I created a code (text formatted) line item that displays the fund code and mapped to that. Major Account L2 is NOT numbered so I did not need to create an additional line item:




    (Disclaimer, The City of Tallahassee is a public entity and all data is public information. This screenshot does not display any private or propriatery information)





  • @CommunityMember118093  Usually these kinds of lists (dimensions) like ProductCenters and Products have assigned also the Codes in the legacy systems. 


    When transferring data from DataHub to spoke models I would use the ProfitCenter Code and Product Code instead of the internal numbered lists Names ( as @ChrisAHeathcote  suggested)


    If also in the target models these lists are also numbered lists - then you will have a lot of pains... 🙂


    Hope it helps