How to display names instead of numbered list


Hi kindly refer the following 3 screenshots:

1. A2 Account>Product# List

2. DAT02 PY Revenue to CY

3. Check Build


Check Build is what I'm trying to get to but before doing so I need to figure the right dimension to use. I believe its the one showing in A2 Account>Product# List which is a combined list. But when I include that in the module DAT02 I'm getting a numbered list instead of Display Name showing - how do I get the Display Name instead?


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Best Answer

  • ChrisAHeathcote


    You need to set the display name property to the text formatted property that you want displayed.

    If you do not have a display name property for that list you will need to create a new property, format it as text and create an import which populates it with the required name. 

    Then update the display name property in the general list settings.