Search a Hierarchy using Code, classic vs. NUX




I am noticing a behavioral difference between classic vs. NUX. 


In classic view, let's say I have a module that is dimensionalized by L2 Hierarchy x Line Items.


If I have L2 Hierarchy as my page selector, and I have a list member with the code ABC_123, in classic I can search for this in the page selector and return List Member 1.


However, if I publish that same module to the NUX, when I search for ABC_123, the search fails. 


I know that I could probably create filters for this, but is there a reason this behavioral difference exists?


  • I wonder if @sprender might have some insight?

  • I have noticed this as well. To make things even more interesting, the code search does work at the top right of the card and will make the page sync when selected.



    Red does not allow for a code search, Green does.




  • Misbah



    I swear I have been writing on this for a few days now. See post below but to answer your question yes it doesn't search with code as of today


    Unleash the Power of Find Feature on New UX - Anaplan Community



  • @DaanishSoomar really interesting and nice catch !!


    The code search does not work on the page context selectors (not expected behaviour) ... however works fine if the list is published in rows/columns in a grid (correctly). 


    The code search, indeed, should work in any case. 


    Thanks for sharing and I hope will be solved soon!



  • Thanks everyone. Glad to confirm with you all that I am not just seeing things/going crazy 🙂 


    I have just submitted a Support ticket, to my friends back at Anaplan Support, and hopefully they can pass it along to the right people.

  • sprender
    Yes, this is a gap we have currently the search between the grid and the context selector use different mechanisms. Its not an easy fix unfortunately but we do have an issue logged against it. Logging a support ticket is a sensible approach so you can track progress for when we have resolved.