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Hello everyone!


I'm starting to work with Anaplan API now and interested in exporting information about models. I managed to do it using request from here

'https://test.api.anaplan.com/2/0/workspaces/***workspace ID***/models/'

This request provides me with an active state of the model, but I was wondering if there is the way to know when was the last time the model was opened (not just by me, but by any user). This will give me opportunity to understand which models were not used for a while and achive them.


Another idea I had is to export each model's history, but I couldn't manage to set up actions (or something else) for it. Also, .txt files with history can be very large (which will make script slow).


To sum up, I want to know if there is the way to export last time the model was opened (and how to do it with API) or at least set up exporting model's history.

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  • alexpavel
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    As workspace admin  you can create an export action for exporting the Anaplan history log using the 'Save option" from History tab:




    and in the Export actions will appear the History log export action which can be launched exclusively by a workspace administrator:





    However, the Anaplan history traces only activities that modify data ( data input, launches of import actions...etc) or structural modifications and security. 


    For example, you will not find entries in the history log related to opening models, login activity or launching export actions. 


    Hope it helps



  • Hi @NikolayStarostin,


    Iam using these end points from past one year and I didn't find an end point which gives the model activity(last time the model was opened). You will get the last Anaplan login activity. But Iam not sure Iam the model history.


    Thank you.


    Riyaz Pasha

  • Thanks a lot, this will work for me for now