Apply Conditional Formatting only to Totals in a worksheet


Hi Anaplan community, 


I have run into the following conundrum - I want to apply conditional formatting only to the totals of my line items in a worksheet. Now, I know that this isn't possible out of the box as Anaplan applies conditional formatting on a line item basis; however, I checked out this workaround posted by @ChrisHeathcote


The problem I have with this workaround is that it applies strictly to lists (and their parents/children), but the data of my line items is a sum formula. To give a bit of background, it's a PM dashboard that where Jira tickets have different estimates are spread across various sprints. So the formula I have for the data of the line item in question is: 'SYS02 Ticket Details'.Remaining Estimate[SUM: 'SYS02 Ticket Details'.Planned for] where planned for denotes the sprint the estimate of a ticket is in. 


Here is a view of my worksheet. Is there a possible workaround? Perhaps I'm misunderstanding something from the abovementioned article, but I'm not so sure I am. 


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  • @ENetchev 

    Create a dedicated conditional formatting line item which queries the SUM line and outputs a number variable which can be used to create the input for the conditional formatting. Therefore, you will be able to set the summary method for this new line item to Formula.