Data Hub - Numbered List vs Regular List


I am in the process of creating a Data Hub, where we will be getting multiple files to create lists in the DH. I need to consider creating the flat lists as either numbered or regular list. 

For the lists which have member names longer than sixty, I would create a numbered list where I would make use of the Display Name properties. However, with lists that have less than sixty, can you suggest any other advantages of using numbered list ?

In case of lists that have members names shorter than sixty, do you recommend using regular list of numbered list?

I have heard that are issue mapping numbered list if we need to send fact data across models.

Any suggestion would be ap



  • Hello @khoonks 


    Evaluate the need for numbered list. Numbered list should be used only when

    • Duplicate names exist in the list
    • Display name is more than 60 characters
    • Need to insert elements during run time by users (via dashboard)


    Other than the 3 above, i do not see any other advantage of using numbered list.




  • @khoonks  in completion of what @ArunManickam  said: you need to use numbered lists also when the import files received do not have a single column as "primary key" of the file but it is a combination of columns... 

    You will need to use a numbered list in order to "park" and import the file using the unique combination of columns (properties).


    However, when you need to transfer the data from data-hub mode into spoke models for numbered lists elements it is strongly advised to use the Codes of the elements.


    below some discussion about this:



    Hope it helps