Importing into Numbered List

Hi Team,

I am facing 2 problems while importing into the numbered list from my Data hub model:

1) it's showing an Invalid Parent error. I have used Parent code while importing, Please suggest how to resolve this?

2) Even though import happens with error, the import list is adding below to the list where import should happen -please check Point D for more clarity.

A) DH Model


B) Numbered List where import needs to be done


C) Importing Screen



D) After Import  - Import Happens with no parent but below the list where import should happened.






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  • Gauravkumar90
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    Hi @kunal_311 ,


    I think this Import action is of Level 3 Model Building, so we are not supposed to give all the details, but little help will not cause any harm. So I can give you little hint that what is going wrong here.


    In G4T Territory>Account#  Import , Parent will be Territory and in Display name will be account name. Code used will be concatenation of Territory code and Account code. 


    Hope this hint would provide you right guidance,