User based delete action



I want to give a functionality to the user where they can select a Boolean (say basis state) and delete the data in a transaction list that are mapped to that state ( in a line item in the system module). see table:

StateCheck to delete

Since the user has selected the boolean for B, only those transactions are to be deleted that have B mapped to them. 


However, since different users take care different states and all of them will be in the system at the same time, I want their selection in the grid above to be user dependent and thus the delete action to only delete their state data. 


The problem i am facing is if I add a user dimension to the selection grid, I would not be able to use it in the delete action LI. If I dont separate users, they will override each other and might delete someone else's data


  • Misbah



    You can have Users as a dimension and the using the action.

    Also It is not the good practice to allow users to use that kind of action (even without user dimension) which does all sort of heavy lifting.  I use this exercise mostly for optimization purpose only and I usually I ask admins to take care of that.


    Have you thought about using selective access on the state list so that only the user who is supposed to override/delete the values should be able to do it.  And for overriding you can create a line item (Formatted as NO DATA) and run the import action.


    Hope that helps


  • Yash1

    Hi @ankit_cheeni ,


    As you mentioned that different users take care different states , so can you not have selective access across the state list, that ways a user will only see there concerned states.




  • Misbah, 


    The list we are deleting from isn't rolling up to State. State is mapped in a line item. So even though State has selective access, the list does not.

    This is the structure:

    Module 1: has no dimension but a LI formatted to state for state selection. 

    Module 2: (dimensioned by the list we are to delete from) has a state LI and a delete line item. This delete line item looks if the state is the same selected in the Module 1. 


    The delete action then deletes using this delete line item. The problem here is that as soon as another user selects some other state (even after Selective Access being on) the state changes to that and wrong set of data would get deleted. 


    If I use User dimension in Module 1, I will not be able to create a Delete Action for the concerned list as the delete action needs a two dimensional module, with the concerned list as one dimension and Delete LI as the other. 


    Let me know if this clarifies the requirement