Progress of Learning. Level 2.


Hi all!

I have a problem that platform didn't saved my last learning Level 2 Model Building - Conclusion (It saved my exam though)

I tried to went through lectures and check all marks again and again ( may be around 5 times)...

on Friday and today (2 times)..and still it shows only 50% completed... (pics attached).

Screenshot 2021-05-03 at 15.24.46.png

Screenshot 2021-05-03 at 15.24.29.png

 So, there is no green checkmark for my class, but there is one where my exam is...

So from what I've read here, it means that I will not get my certificate for Level 2 while it's like this?

(I didn't send my model history yet, because I read here that I should check out that I have all green checkmarks at learning.. and for now I don't)

To whom should I write about this issue?

 Thank you.




  • Humay

    I think it is the best to contact -

  • JoannaAn

    Hi @Humay !

    Yes, I actually did.

    So I got an answer:

    Conclusion will be 100% completed only after History Upload. 


    I didn't know about that. And just in case I tried to see if I have all the checkmarks before History upload, so there will be no problem about further steps...(So people in Learning Center do not have any questions in regards to my lessons)...

    But...I find out that it works a bit other way 😃

    Thank you for your response though.