Help required on MIN function

Hi need some help on the MIN function as I can't seem to get it to work even after going through the Technical Documentation. Attached at the relevant screenshots:

SYS08 has the MIN formula I'm trying to get to work. The idea is to look up the MIN value in the # Accounts for Redistribution column in the TAR02 module by looking up the Country (list-formatted) but it's returning zero without any errors.

The dimension in SYS08 is the same as the Country list-formatted source in the MIN formula: 'TAR02 Account Review'.# Accounts for Redistribution[MIN: 'TAR02 Account Review'.Country].

What am I doing wrong?

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  • cgillett
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    Hi, @ClarenceAndre ,

    The formula using SELECT would be:

    'TAR02 Account Review'.# Accounts for Redistribution[MIN: 'TAR02 Account Review'.Country, SELECT: TIME.'FY20']


    You don't usually want to tie your formulas to specific time periods like that, though. It's too restrictive. I only suggest it for testing and troubleshooting. I don't know what's appropriate for your use case, but adding the Time dimension to your SYS08 module would solve the problem without using "SELECT", and it would also be dynamic.


  • I know this isn't a solution, but I hope it will help you find the answer.

    'TAR02 Account Review'.# Accounts for Redistribution is dimensioned by Time, but 'SYS08 Account Counts' is not, and I believe this might be what's causing the 0 values. If you add SELECT: TIME.'FY20' to your MIN formula mappings, you should get a non-zero result.

  • Hi @cgillett how do I incorporate SELECT into the MIN function?

  • Hi @cgillett thanks very much, it works! Yes the solution is fine as my FY20 is fixed so that works well. Thanks for the help as I learnt something new by combining SELECT with MIN.

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