Anaplan Connection - Invalid Credential


Hello team,

We are getting an error frequently, almost daily baysis, related to "invalid credentials" between Anaplan connection and Power BI Desktop.


Every time that team (two developers analyst) needs to work with the data, we need to reset the password and we are worried about this for the future.


Do you know if this could be related with any particular setup into PBI desktop environment?

In addition, the standard URL's below are already being used.


Thank you


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  • JaredDolich
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    Just curious if both of these developers are trying to use the same ID. I'm not aware of any contention issues but perhaps this is what might be causing the issue. Also, you may need to clear the Power BI cache - sometimes the authentication gets stuck. Clear cache within Power BI (File>options>clear cache) 

    The only issue I'm aware of is that the "default" tenant for the ID is the only tenant that can be accessed but that sounds unrelated to what you're dealing with.

    Here are some other common issues with Power BI connector.


  • I have the same issue as you and it doesn't solve if I clear cache. Only password reset from Anaplan let the connector work (daily password reset). Is it a common issue? are there any other ways apart from clearing cache?



  • I am having the same issues. Clearing cache does not resolve the problem. Here is a more in-depth overview of the potential issue -

    Is there a way for this to be resolved? This issue is essentially rendering the connector useless, unless developers want to continually reset their passwords.

  • BenGee

    I've also been informed that some of our users are struggling with this issue, hopefully soon the SSO will work through PBI???

  • The connector for Anaplan Single-Sign On (SSO) user is currently available, only if you have SSO enabled in your organisation environment.

    I would say this is a good article for the steps to walk through. Hopefully this helps.

  • For Users with only Basic authentication, please see if the following steps work for you:

    NOTE: User must NOT close Power BI until all steps are complete.

    1. Open Power BI
    2. Open Browser. Re-activate the user by going to > Login > Forgot Password
    3. Once user re-activated, switch back to Power BI. Go to File > Options and settings > Data source settings > Edit permissions > Update credential to latest password. Refrain from refreshing before updating credential as you may get locked up again.