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I have a line item called 'Size' which is a list made of three values "Small, Medium, Large". I was wondering if there is a possibility that I create a UX page with a selector which uses the Size list? If I select Large, it shows me only Large values ? Attached screenshot shows blueprint with list values.

Appreciate your help.

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  • AntonMineev
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    Hi @Niraj.B!


    Usually, in this case, a line item is made with a choice of size for display (in a list format). Then the filter is calculated by the required rows (for example, their property must match the selected one). And this filter is applied on the page.

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  • Niraj.B

    Hi @AntonMineev ,

    Thank you. So yes, the line item is indeed a list. Where do I create this filter? If I create in NUX, I don't get any option to use it as a selector.

  • In UX, you can publish "Field card". This will just be the line item for choosing a value and calculating the filter.