New Modelling Experience


There are so many things that I loved about new modelling experience but here are my top two picks which I loved the most.


1. Ability to open Lists, Line Item Subsets, Modules and Dashboards in their own tabs. This removes the need to go back and forth between Modules->Lists->Line item subsets.


2. Line item Subsets(LIS), being carved out of General Lists Section & getting their own well deserved place.


What's your favorite?




  • Niraj.B

    This was a surprise to me, I loved this new feature. For me it's the case of being able to switch to any model in any workspace.

  • I too have a couple... the new search functionality of Ctrl+Shift+F plus the formula drop-down, being able to read those long ones makes life a whole lot easier - even if it's a bit clunky to go to another one!

  • JussiLi

    The ability to open lists in own tabs is something I have waited for. That's my favorite. Toggling between modules and lists have been somewhat annoying earlier. 

  • @ChrisM 


    Items you might like.

  • Love most of the changes! Two big things for me that would help make this new UX even better:


    1. Bring back the ability to reorder tabs for open lists/modules. It's really annoying having to open lists/modules in the order that I need them


    2. Could things like Versions/Time/Users also be added as items you can have open in a tab?


  • Misbah



    It was  a tough choice for me to pick those two. I had these at 3 and 5 respectively.


    Ctrl+Shift+F is a powerful feature - For wider audience this feature allows us to quickly search and open any artifact (Modules, Lists or Dashboards) within the model. Loving it:)



  • Misbah



    Agreed. You were not alone

  • Misbah



    Point 1: Yes even I think so that we should have an ability to move the tabs. You can share your idea on idea exchange forum

    Point 2: Good one but could you please explain what benefits will it bring to the table i.e., to have their own tabs rather than going back to their respective commands.  Modules need to reference General Lists and/or LISS hence the need to open them side by side so that it becomes easy for model builders to point and click.



  • Misbah



    None from You? 🙂

  • @Misbah 


    I have been using it for 4 months and have been giving suggestions directly to @ChrisM .

  • Out of several new enhancements, I've got to vote for what looks like functional syntax-highlighting in the improved Formula Editor. Two thumbs-up on that one ! 🙂
  • totaly agree, i loved it
  • No one has mentioned about New Navigation Panel. Great visualization as compared to earlier. New great experience