Native User List Properties

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How can I pull the native user list properties into a module such as First Name, Last Name etc.




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  • AntonMineev
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    Unfortunately, there is no simple formula.
    But you can export from native users list to an external setver and load properties from it into the module (use Anaplan Connect for make one process). This will copy the system properties. Since they are not mutable anyway.


    Alternative option: keep the list of users and properties in the data hub as a custom list. And already during the integration, you replenish the list of users in the model, as well as fill in the module with properties.


  • @ChrisAHeathcote 


    I don't think we can or atleast I am not aware of any such feature being released. We surely can use certain calculation functions with the User list but I don't think we can extract first name and last name properties of the list. 



  • @ChrisAHeathcote 


    Currently, not possible, but I think you knew that before posting :).  I have some ideas, but they aren't good as the metadata (first/last name) aren't updated when changed.



  • @Misbah and @rob_marshall 

    Thanks for reply so quickly.

    You have both confirmed my own thoughts.