Show an item from higher hierachy in lower hierachy


Hi everybody,

i need your help.

i have a 2 levels hierachical list used in a module. I used to select the lower level( details) to display data in my dashboard but now i need to aggregate one ligne at a higher level. to be more specific

- VAT is the summary level

- VAT_in and VAT_out are the details level

in my dashboard i choose to display only the details level with a conditional formatting, the problem is now i was asked to replace the details level on VAT by its summary and just for this on VAT without showing the summary of the others items in the list.

ive pretty much tried everything and i still cant figure out what to do....

Thanks 🙂






  • @pdekas 

    Select a row in the grid view, right click and select, 'Select Levels to Show'.

    From the options select on the summaries and deselect details.

    The grid will now only show the summary items.

    Save this as a named view and publish to your dashboard.

  • abhi1017

    Hi @pdekas ,


    We have done a similar requirement through NUX.

    1.Use custom view in NUX rather module view

    2. Use the EYE option and select the list that has to be customized 

    3. Select the list members from required levels.


    That should work. Worked for me.


  • Hi @pdekas!


    If I understood the question correctly, then the simplest solution would be to apply a filter. If there are no other elements in this guide, then I usually make the line item "basic?" and put in the formula TRUE. And then I make a filter for "not equal to true". After, you will only see the summing elements.

  • pdekas
    Thanks for you reply!
    this wont solve the problem since i will now have a dashboard filled with just the summary level wich is not what i try to do. i try to have simultaneously all the details level and only one summary level for a specific line.
  • pdekas
    Thanks for your reply, the dashboard im trying to update is next to many other relevant dash( module view built) , does that mean that i will need to recreate my dashboard in the NUX?
  • pdekas
    Thank you for your reply!
    Ive actualy already tried the filter solution with the bolean line item BUT the checkboxes are just on the details level so i cant choose one summary level with all the details level. Maybe its not just possible :'(
  • abhi1017

    You can Create and publish on the same page( along with other  module views).

    P.S.:- Use the default module view directly to create the required view rather creating a saved view.

  • Do not despair! Let's try to make a more complex filter:

    1. You need a line item where you mark the elements that you want to hide (basic VAT elements). Put in front of them in manual TRUE. Select the type of summation ALL.
    2. Create a line item from my last post (where all basic elements will be marked).
    2. Create a line item for the filter. In it write a formula of the form "IF BASIC, THEN YOU ARE NOT OTHERWISE TRUTH" and summary methods FORMULA.


    Снимок экрана 2021-05-06 в 17.21.54.pngСнимок экрана 2021-05-06 в 17.22.54.png

    UPD: Using the example, I realized that the summary methods in the second line item can be turned off.

  • @pdekas Sounds like you need to create a filter, you can do this for multiple levels by using the summary method "Ratio"


    Check out this article here:


    Using this, you can pick and choose (or calculate) the nodes in different levels of a hierarchy that you want to be shown. 


    Hope this helps!

  • pdekas
    Nearly worked, but now i have all the other summary levels too ( like EXP1 in you example )
  • @pdekas 

    The trick here is to create a saved view.

    DO NOT save this new format as the default as all the other grids will also change. 

    Leave your default view unchanged. 

    From the 'View' drop down in the toolbar select 'Save As'.

    Call the new view Summary View.

    Then publish this summary view to sit alongside your detailed view. 


  • @pdekas 

    You would like to hide detail about VAT and summaries elements for other items?

    We can improve filter formula:

    Снимок экрана 2021-05-07 в 08.18.30.png


    The formulas and approaches themselves can be more complex, this is a simple example of a solution approach.

  • this is a classic issue of multi level filters. Not sure how exactly is your hierarchy but look at my guide it will give you ideas


  • pdekas

    Thanks a lot, its working (happy dance 🙂   )