Created Time Settings by Year module


Created the SYS01 Time Settings by Year module, added and formatted the line items, and added the formulas ..

How do we properly add dimension on this one?



  • Kkouibio

    Perfect, got it ..


  • Hi! I was stuck on this too... You reply worked, though I initially set the time-scale to year on the top line, when it didn't look like the examples, I went into the line-items. 


    Q: Was this explained in lesson 6? While I'm grateful for the answer, I'd like to understand how I would have known this w/o help so (hopefully) I'll understand when to do this when working with real data.


    Appreciate your help!



  • You need to update the time scale for each line item in addition to the module.
  • You can copy paste the year from the top line to the rest of the line items.

    Line items have their own view that if it isn't lined up with the module's overall view, is called a subsidiary view. You can do this with the Applies To, Versions, and Time.
  • Hi Akhtar,
    I did the same as you mention but still I am not able to see the same screen as shown in activity. In my module it is still showing all the month of the year like JAN 19 Feb 19, please help me with this.
  • KShubham



    I also faced the same problem. 


    While going through the replies, I came across the solution. Apart from changing the format of line items, we also have to change the time scale of module. The below image might help.




  • sobaid
    Hi @Maskevasundhara12, please share the screenshot of your model blueprint to take a look where you are .
  • I had the same problem, this helped. Thanks.