The Level of Statistical Product Forecast


I'm Trying a statistic forecast.

And there is below statement in this site



  1. Multi-Level Forecast: Ability to forecast at different levels of the product hierarchy (i.e. Top Item | Customers, Item and Brand level can all have stat forecast generated). This requires a complex forecast reconciliation process, review "Multi-Level Forecast Overview" dashboard if this process is needed. 

It could be confirmed that can Product - Location level forecast.

(and Product * ALL_Location was OK.)


But can we do the another level of  forecast?

For Example, "Brand-Location" or  "ProductGroup-Location" Level.


If we want to do that, we have to create L9 List from the beginning.


And if we did the "Product-ALL_Location" Forecast, 

can we allocate it to each locations?


Tell me please.


  • Yash1

    Hi ,


    As you  correctly said you need to recreate the L9 based on your combination of  "Brand-Location" or  "ProductGroup-Location" Level and then you can create a separate hierarchy to see the different dimensions.


    Hope this helps. Feel free to post if you have any further questions.