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I would like to add remarks/text as shown in the pic below. I've tried to do it via formula but it doesn't roll up to the highest hierarchy level. For example, if i choose "Asia" , the text doesn't show. But if you choose a lower hierarchy level, it's able to show the intended text. Furthermore, the text alignment is ****. Is there a way to choose left,right or centre alignment? I can't seem to find the option. 

Thanks a lot. 




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  • ChrisAHeathcote


    How many L3 sit under Asia? 

    It is possible to reference child text entries at the parent level but there are limited options.


    Notice that for TEXT the options relevant to you would be FIRST NON BLANK or LAST NON BLANK. 

    These options will summaries up the hierarchy showing the text occupy the corresponding cell. 

    However, this will continue up the hierarchy through L1.

    Using summary methods may not be the best way to show the cell contents at higher levels but if you are determined to show the data at L2 and above in the same module it is your only option.

    There is no current workaround for text alignment in a cell.


  • @DarrenS 

    How do you expect the text to display as you travel up the hierarchy?

    From your screenshot you have Asia selected as a page. 

    Which of the Asia child items would you expect to see displayed at the parent level?


    With regard to alignment, there is no option to change this from the default.

  • DarrenS

    Hi Chris,

    I've done up the sample of the text that i would like to display for your reference. Basically, the same remarks is applicable to different hierarchy level.





    When i select on the parent which is "Asia", the text doesn't follow through. I would like it to show the same remarks as the above. Is there a way to do this? 



    Is there a work around regards to the default alignment of the text? 

  • DarrenS

    Hi @ChrisAHeathcote 


    I have another question. 


    I have added a page selector for "Account type" as I would like to filter the list of accts by account type

    But it doesn't sync with the the list. Did I miss out on any additional steps? 





  • @DarrenS 

    A page selector or dimension is not a filter.

    Can you raise this as another query and I will provide a more detailed response.