Anaplan Level 3 Sprint 2 Missing File for G4T Territory Account CSV File




I am stuck at a point in Anaplan Level 3 certification where I am not able to find a file to load G4t Territory to Account List in the spoke model. From the community chats and questions surrounding it, I came to an understanding that the file is to provided by Anaplan.


After this step: Download: Territory Data.csv
I was looking for another link to download G4T Territory Account CSV File


Can someone please look at the current Anaplan level 3 certification and check if file is missing or explain which lesson/user story has the required details.


Thanks in advance

Jairam Kamath


  • Niraj.B


    I think you need a file called 'CYW Scenario Territory to Accounts.csv' which is available in sprint 2 section 4.4 

  • Yes Niraj. 

    I also found it myself after I raised the question in community. I was expecting the file much earlier in 2.2 section and it was provided in 4.4 section. 
    Thank you.!

  • Niraj.B
    Yes, I was expecting the file much earlier as well. I was really struggling to cross check with what I was doing.