Add Editable Textbox to Published Dashboard


Hi AP Community,


 Is there any way to add a textbox to a published dashboard that end users can write notes etc. in? Almost how users can input data, I want to add a textbox next to one of my tables so the end user can put notes from forecast to forecast. Appreciate the help!






  • Just need to have a module with all the relevant dimensions or a line item in the appropriate module then publish said line item to the board and don't forget to turn the option on to make it editable.

    Am always forgetting to do that last step...!

  • I will add that the publication of a line item is done as follows:

    Снимок экрана 2021-05-08 в 09.14.50.png

  • Don't forget that's for Classic, bit different in UX.

  • Hi @dsulliv8 ,


    Create one module for comment or even you can use the existing module if you want comments by some dimension.

    In New UX, Add one field card & select the module & then select the comments line item.

    Here you have an option to enable multiple lines & also you can control the number of lines.





    Hope this helps!