Module Importing through Connect to anaplan model


Dear Team,


I am Pursuing My Level 3 certification, I am not seeking help on Modelling But needed a small hint on the import view. I think I am missing something, I try to find the RCA but unable to solve it.


Problem Statement- My import view of the G4T List is not coming as expected. Here for each Territory all account are showing up but expected was only those territories that are present for that account.


But Expected was something like G3T list


Is it because my DH model from where I imported in the G4T list has the below structure? How to resolve this?





  • ganeshd10

    Hi @kunal_311

    1. Make sure your G$T Territoyr>Account list has G3T Territory assigned as a parent. This will give you the basic structure of what you need
    2. Revisit the import process again to correct the mappings and run the action. You will get your desired result.

    Happy to help!