Slight differences in numbers between what's been showed in the L3 Lesson Plan and what I'm getting


Dear Academy,


As I progress through the sprints I'm seeing some slight differences at the account level between what I'm getting and the numbers shown in the progressive Check Your Builds although the totals are the same.


The fact that I'm getting the same totals reassures me I'm heading in the right direction but individual differences concerns me because I'm wondering if I'm not doing something right and material enough to affect my answers on the exam.


Can the Academy kindly look into this and respond accordingly?


Kind regards,




  • @ClarenceAndre 

    Check the summary methods for all inputs are set correctly. 

    Using average instead of formula as an example can skew the numbers.

    If your totals are reconciling but individual items are not then this indicates your mapping tables are complete but may have small differences. 

    It may be prudent to import these again and double check. 

    Good luck

  • Hi @ChrisAHeathcote 

    I've also asked the Academy the same so awaiting the answer when the US business day opens.

    The data is provided by the Academy and not the result of some calculation so should be the same unless slightly different data was used in the lessons.

    Let's see what they say.

    Kind regards,



    @ClarenceAndre  @ChrisAHeathcote   Level 3 is intended to be completed independently.  This is important because we review the level 3 model build as part of the Solution Architect Certification.  Please remember the guidelines. 



  • I am unclear on the meaning and objective of this reply whether directed at me or the Academy.