What are two types of L3 exams?



One of them is self explanatory that it is based on micro lessons. What is technical exam? Is it about the model we built during the course? How many questions in each exam?


  • Two types of Level 3 exams are Technical Exam and Knowledge Exam.
    1. Technical Exam is more based on model building, where you would upload new files and pull data based on Anaplan questionnaires.
    2. Knowledge Exam is theory based on L3 course materials.


    More on Level 3:

    Level 3 course offers us with User Stories and expects us to figure out the solution and approach to build the model. There are training videos available to explain certain functionalities like Actions, Numbered Lists. 


    Before we start with Sprint 1, we have to first build the prototypes in PPT, Visio or Excel and upload it. Also build a schema diagram on our understanding of the projects requirement.

    We do not have exams after each sprint as seen in Level 2. Instead, we have expected results screenshots provided by Anaplan and they expect builders to self evaluate based on the screenshots (For Sprint 1 & 2).


    After sprint 2, we would have 10 Questions to answer which we call the main level 3 model builder exam and it is technical based on model we built. This comes with only 2 attempts.

  • Niraj.B

    Thank you, so is it the case that we have to load some data (like in L1 exam) ? If so then do we need to clear any historical data or just overwrite?

    I ask as I want to make sure I do things correctly first time. As it stands, my model numbers matches all screenshots as given in 'Check your build' sections

  • If your model matches with the ss provided then its sure that your model is correct, in the last exam you will be provided with a dataset to upload and then answer the questions. 



  • Hi Niraj


    If you have played around on your Level 1 & Level 2 models a lot, there is no need to worry. 


    Level 3 comes with readily built FP&A model (LEVEL 1) and a datahub model. There is an option available for you to use anaplan provided models instead of re-using old models.


    Please let me know if I have answered your question. Thanks!



  • Niraj.B

    Thanks Jairam, I already finished my L3 exercises and numbers match for every screenshot in Check your build section 🙂 . My query is more of how should I prepare whether I should clear complete numbers or I do not worry and just overwrite them. Overwrite makes sense if the new data being provided is just a small subset of data (and we have to make use of other existing data). Maybe I am just being to nervous/cautious in my approach (I hated school exams hence my worry).

  • Dont worry about the data, you will get clear instructions during the exam about what to do regards to data.


  • Niraj.B

    Thanks, I finally took the plunge and cleared both exams today. It was nothing to worry about.

  • Nitika
    Hi Niraj, Good to hear that you cleared all the exams. I am perusing them and believe that there should be an assumption file for Quota for new roles.