How to create a filter


Hi @ChrisAHeathcote 


Appreciate if you advise on how do I create a filter for a column name


I'm trying to create a filter by "account type" . Thanks. 



  • @DarrenS 

    It is a common error to include the dimension of the target line item in an attempt to add a filter. 

    This will simply increase the size of your module by a factor equal to the number of items in the list.

    Follow these steps to set up your filter;

    1. Create a module dimensioned by the list occupying the rows section of the pivot and Users.

    2. Add a line item and format this as the list which will form the criteria of your filter (Account Type). Populate this line item in a similar way to the target module, TEST.

    3. Add a boolean line item and name this 'Filter'.

    4. Create a second module containing the user list only. Add a list formatted line item of the list you would like to base your filter on ( Account Type ). We will call this module 'Account Type Selection' and the line item 'Account Type Filter'.

    5. Back in the first module add this formula to the boolean line item =AccountTypeSelection.AccountTypeFilter = Module1.AccountType This should generate a TRUE boolean for all items whose Account Type property matches the item selected in the filter module.

    6. In your target module apply a filter, select the filter module and line item. Ensure you use 'Current User', to define the user dimension. 

    7. Save as a different view and publish to a dashboard along with the line item used in the Account Type Selection module.

  • DarrenS

    Sorry @ChrisAHeathcote , I'm don't  quite follow. Why is there a user list etc 


    Can I trouble you to provide some visual aid as well? Thanks. 

  • @DarrenS 

    There is a user list so that the outcome of the selection will be user dependant.

    Without it all users will see the same outcome. 

    The following link will also give you a good intro into filtering in Anaplan 

  • DarrenS

    Hi @ChrisAHeathcote 


    I would like to have a dropdown list to filter the list according to the item selected.


    I can't seem to comprehend  your described method and provided document.

  • DarrenS



    I've attempted the following line item/formula but the filter boxes remain empty. The boxes should be checked for all the accounts right. 




  • @DarrenS 

    Click on the table icon at the top of the column.

    By creating a line item that has different dimensionality to the master module you have create what is called a 'subsidiary view'.

    You need to apply a filter to the first module and reference this line item in the criteria.

    The link in the previous comment will take you through the required steps.