Level 2 Sprint 3 Product Replenishment UX



I have created my Product Replenishment UX and I'm at the point where I am verifying the end user checklist.  I cannot edit the submit PO request or override suggested order amount.  I have added DCA to INV01 for write access but it's still not allowing me to edit the cells.  Also, my chart at the bottom of the page does not sync with the selectors at the top of the page.  I have FY20 selected but the chart includes data from '21.  Any suggestions?  And again, thank you for pointing me in the right direction. 







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  • @LStinsa 

    You're probably closer than you think.

    Let's start with the card configuration. Make sure you have editing turned on. Then we can decide what to do about your syncing issues.


  • Thank you again. You are correct.  I can now check the box for override shipping method but there is no option to actually change the method.  I used to have a pull down menu to pick from.  

  • @LStinsa 

    AWESOME! Yeah. We're so close now. To get the dropdown for override method make sure the line item is formatted as a list. Also, remember the override method will not be editable unless you check the Boolean for the override.

    Woo hoo! so close now!

  • @JaredDolich 


    Thank you again.  I have it formatted as list (Shipping Method) and I did check the box.  I think I set up my DCA properly but I attached a screen shot.  I'm also having trouble with the chart at the bottom.  It doesn't sync and it shows all the data for both 2020 and 2021.




  • @LStinsa 

    That's interesting.

    As for the months, you can use your planning periods filter in SYS00 and either apply it to your saved view or in your custom view in the New UX. Either will work.

    Well, for INV01, let's make sure your line item is set up like this:



    The grid should behave like this:


    DCA Configuration




  • @JaredDolich 


    Thank you for your help.  It looks close but not exactly.  I'm off on my Final Shipment Amount, shipping costs and a couple of other numbers.  I looked over your screen shots and mine look like they are the same.