API scripting manners


Hi, I got this question from our partner consultant. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!


Anaplan Connect is provided as a Java JAR, but I think it is actually provided as a sample that executes Java from a shell script or bat file.
The customer already has an infrastructure that can run Java directly as an implementation of the interface infrastructure. They say that the most desirable operation is to put Anaplan Connect's JAR file directly into the classpath and directly call the Method that Anaplan Connect is executing. Do you have any examples of this kind of implementation or advice on what to consider when implementing it?


  • Anaplan Connect was developed to be also usable as a library by other Java programs, but it does depend on a handful of other components to run, which are now also included in the jar. In some cases the versions may conflict with ones already in use, and if so their inclusion will make resolution more difficult. The Program class does contain some functionality that may still be useful, for example tracking the progress of a task to completion and/or cancelling. If you want to make use of that - with the caveat that only one task can be tracked at a time - then as those (static) methods are protected you would have to subclass Program to access them.

  • Hi Ben, Thanks for your advice!