Time Filter on Page Selector


I need to filter the data in modules for Test Version(1)  in current year. For that I have created one filter(version and time specific filter) line item in to filter the data for current year and Test Version(1).

This filter is working fine in the modules where time is in columns but I'm not able to apply this filter where time is in page selector.

Need workaround.

thanks in advance



  • Is it on NUX?

    you have to apply filter in the selector on dashboard, It's there in settings icon next to the selector.it will filter out the items in your page selector

  • Thanks Abhay for prompt  reply,

    Based on the version selection the time period should vary.


    Actually I tried  this in saved view but its not getting applied.


  • abhi1017

    Hi @swapnil_J 

    Adding on to @abhay.kanik .

    You can apply this filter directly on the NUX DB while time is in page selectors.

    Attached a part screenshot that might give you a hint.





  • HI Abhay,

    I tried that as well but I'm not able to apply that as well, when I applied that filter on time  It is asking  to select one of the version from the version list but it should be applicable for all version.

  • abhi1017



    The filter lineitem that u have created has version dimension applied to it ?

    If yes , pls. remove, if its not being referenced anywhere else.

    Else , create a new lineitem without version dimension to it and use this lineitem in NUX to filter the page selector.



  • Hi 

    I have 3 Versions, and time as a dimension 5 years.

    For Test Version1 I should see FY 19 and FY 20 past and current year.

    Test Version2 & Test Version3 I should be able to see all time periods.

    So I have created logic for Version and time combination and applying it in all the modules.