Apply filter on time when it is in page selector


I have 3 Versions, and time as a dimension 5 years in modules.

For Test Version1 I should see FY 19 and FY 20 past and current year.

For Test Version2 & Test Version3 I should be able to see all time periods. For that I have created one filter(version and time specific filter) line item to filter the time based on the version selection

This filter is working fine in the modules where time is in columns but I'm not able to apply this filter where time is in page selector.
In new UX when I'm trying to  apply this filter on time It is asking to select one of the version from the version list but it should be applicable for all version.
Need workaround.
Thanks in advance.


  • The only way I am aware to filter a selection is through the a dependency on another selector.  


    In theory you could do this by having a fake time dimension that exists as a child to each scenario item (you will also not be able to use native versions).  Essentially you would have independent time dimensions for each scenario.  This way when a scenario was selected, you could limit the time selector.  This is of course a lot of work and maintenance for getting a UX to behave in that way, and I would not want to maintain it.  Maybe it is not too horrible if it is just an output view.


    Can you instead refactor the UX so that time isn't a selector?   

  • It's a bit of a leap and may not work but could you apply the filter in model save it as the default view and then use that?

    That way you would get all the benefits of UX whilst ensuring that time was always filtered regardless of where it was on the page.

    It's probably on the roadmap (being able to filter a selector) but worth dropping onto Idea Exchange.