Check Your Work Level 2 Sprint 3


Hi everyone,

I'm checking my work of my INV01 module and my numbers are slightly different in the line item Safety Stock Exception Count to the ones provided by Anaplan to check our work. I already checked the summaries and the totals and they look fine, I would really appreciate some help.

My INV01 module below, you can see the change from week 3 FY20


Anaplan example below




These are the formulas i used



Thank you very much in advance for your help



  • Hey, as far as I know the formula which you have entered for safety stock exception count needs to be changed. It's partially correct. 


    Re-check the operators which you have used. 






  • @DanielaSanchez I think you wrote the calculation other way round and missing by few values. 
    Often the IF conditions get tricky. Can you please try below. 
    IF Ending Inventory < Safety Stock Target THEN 1 ELSE 0

  • MCRaws65

    Is there any reason why...

    IF Safety Stock Target >= Ending Inventory THEN 0 ELSE 1

    ...would be incorrect?


    Apparently it is wrong, but I can't see why.


    I framed it that way round (and it works in my model) because we were told to frame IF statements so that the most common result comes first and Anaplan gets to skip looking at the ELSE statement.

  • The question raised above does not have the "=" and that's where it becomes incorrect. 


    @MCRaws65 The calc should work fine with formula you posted.

  • MCRaws65

    Thanks Jairam, it does work fine, but is apparently "Incorrect"! 🤔

  • @DanielaSanchez 

    Check the summary settings.