Creating / storing dashboard images



Is there a best practice for posting images to a URL? I've created and saved a few images that I'd like to include on a dashboard, however, I don't know where to upload the image to a URL. I tried saving an image to a Teams folder and used the URL link but that did not work. I imagine the solution is very easy, but I rarely post images, so I'm in the dark.


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  • Hi @matt_anthony 


    All the URL should be saved in the System module in a line item. Make sure the format of the line item must be text & link.



    If you are using a NUX then add an image card & select the module & then line item.



    if you using a classic then edit the dashboard then on the top, you will see an option to add an image & then follow the above process.


    Hope this helps!



  • @matt_anthony  If Images are confidential try talking to your IT to host them over the internal server, but if they are not sensitive (Logos, Signs and symbols etc) then you can upload image in Imgur and you can get a link from there which you can use by the approach giver by @Akhtar.shahbaz 




  • @abhay.kanik 


    Hmm, I've uploaded the image to Imgur and pasted the link in Anaplan, but I'm still unable to see it on the dashboard.






  • can you try jpg/jpeg instead of png
  • @abhay.kanik 


    Unfortunately, that didn't work either.

  • It does need to have a file extension of jpg or png
    Consider setting up a webserver where you can host files needed.
    As a free alternative this site is one I found that has the file extensions:
    Select the HTML embed, copy the url...



  • @MarkWarren @matt_anthony 

    I think the issue here is not with URL or extension because I have used imgur many times, It is with the secure network restrictions in the org. I have faced it also. Sometimes orgs do restrict these image sites.

    Have you tried checking it outside secure network?

  • yep, I just tested with imgur, works fine...
  • When I look through the icon links in various Anaplan demos, they contain links to Imgur and work fine. I am able to see the image on the dashboard. But when I copy the link from an image I posted on Imgur, I'm unable to see it on the dashboard. So, I am able to pull images into Anaplan from Imgur, just not what I created. Probably user error. Is there any special way to create these images?




    Does not work:



  • @MarkWarren @abhay.kanik 


    I think I figured it out (at least resolves the issue on my end). Once the image is created, rather than selecting "Copy Link", right-click the image and select "Copy image address" from the options. This gave me a different web address that works for me.

  • For anyone looking for an update on this, as of MAY/JUNE 2023 there is a new "Assets" page where you can store images natively in Anaplan to use in your UX pages etc.