Anaplan leans into agile workforce management with a deep focus on strategic HR planning


The Anaplan team is delighted to share with you a new Market Insight Report by Conner Forrest from 451 Research, “Anaplan leans into agile workforce management with a deep focus on strategic HR planning.”  You can find it on our resource page here: [link]


Catalyzed in part by hiring freezes and worker furloughs during the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing discussions about returning to the workplace, businesses are starting to look more strategically at headcount and workforce planning. However, lack of clarity around skills gaps, and operational frictions exacerbated by the pandemic, are butting up against an increasing need for data literacy in HR skill sets.


These challenges create unique market opportunities for planning software vendors to support the HR function and its duties more effectively, particularly around skills, workforce mobility, and talent strategy. For example, with 43% of managers wanting to see changes in the way they manage employee skills on their teams, according to the VotE: Workforce Productivity & Collaboration, Employee Lifecycle & HR 2020 survey, understanding skills, and capabilities gaps within the context of a CPM platform could allow users to more effective match employee skills to business goals and outcomes and enable organizations to move beyond simply identifying skills gaps to improve strategic hiring decisions.


The various nuisances encountered within HR planning are best tackled with dynamic planning platforms. 451 Research states that platforms like Anaplan’s go a long way toward accounting for the various angles to help HR and its adjacent functions play a key role in strategic planning. 


The research in this report aligns with our strengths in HR and workforce planning and directly supports our campaign initiatives this year. Included in 451 Research’s key takes on Anaplan are:


  • “Messaging that hits on key trends seen in the market today (namely workforce visibility, workforce agility, workforce optimization, and diversity and inclusion).”
  • “Widening the lens through which customers can view applicable use cases, and adding adjacent capabilities in talent strategy and compensation modeling.”
  • “One of the few vendors addressing this in a comprehensive way that extends planning ownership to HR, and prepares the planning function to support the future of work truly.”


Read the full report here: