Auto Refresh Dashboard on Filter Change


I published my line item which is a list-formatted on my dashboard and i am using it as a filter. But everytime I select a new list item from the drop-down, I have to refresh the dashboard for the filter to refresh and to see the changes in the grid below. 

Is there a way to auto-refresh the dashboard once the filter is changed?



  • @NilanjanDutta 

    Try adding user list if possible, This will also save your model from locking when multiple users are using same filter line item. Also try it in NUX if possible , i think you are in Classic UX that is why refresh is required.




  • Hi @NilanjanDutta ,


    If you are using a classic then create a refresh button for same dashboard.

    Goto Setting ->  Action -> New Action -> Open dashboard.

    Publish this action as refresh button in the dashboard. 


    Note: Refresh button is against the best practice & educate end users to use inbuilt refresh from anaplan. 

  • @NilanjanDutta 

    This is a frustration but as @abhay.kanik has already stated it is because your filters are not dimensioned by the user list. 

    Currently the view will update for all users irrespective of who changed the filter criteria. Therefore, to confirm the change you need to manually refresh the page. 

    To overcome this add the user list to the filter selector. Create a new system module which also contains the user list and the list to be filtered.

    Apply the filter as usual and allocate current user setting to the user criteria. 

    Once this is complete the grids will update automatically without the need to refresh the page.