L1 Model building - 6.6.5


I'm trying to add the formula 'SYS00 Time Settings'.Forecast Period? to mi line item but I keep getting an error pop up.





If somebody knows what's wrong thank you in advance.



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  • abhi1017
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    Hi @Epratt 


    It Seems to be Syntax error.

    While writing a formula , refer the line items directly from the modules rather typing them.

    Here, refer/pull forecast period?  line item directly from SYS00 module rather typing/copy-pasting the formula directly.






  • Hi @Epratt!

    Are you clicking on an element in another module or are you copying / writing the formula by hand? This error occurs when the line item or module name is incorrectly described in the formula. Check if the specified element is in the SYS00 module. Do its names match?

  • Thanks, it was a syntax error by referring directly to the module it was solved.