New UX "TIME" Page Selector Missing Periods

I have come across an issue in our Commissions app where the Time page selector will randomly start showing Quarters & FY only (see attached), when it should be showing all periods including months. There are no filters applied to the selector.





I tried turning off the Time (Summaries) level on the selector (and clicked apply) and that worked in designer mode, but once I left designer mode the page went back to showing quarters only. Then spontaneously it will start showing the months again.


Has anyone come across this issue or know what might be causing it? 



Caleb Lee

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  • CalebLee8
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    I reached out to Anaplan support, and they said it is a known issue that will be fixed in the longer term roadmap.


    Cause: When grid cards with different time scales are published to a page, the context selector will initially only show the least granular time scale.


    Solution: Either add a selector on any card with the granular time scale which will then act as the context selector, or move the cards with a different timescale on a different page.


  • @CalebLee8 

    Hi Caleb. Yeah, that doesn't sound like the right behavior for the selector. To be honest, the selectors should only be showing the entire list. I'm not aware of a way to filter the selector in the new UX. You can, however, filter the time values in the grid. To get a specific time value in the selector I sometimes will add a card at the bottom of my page that has the list that I want to show in the selector. I use line items from system modules for that.

    If you are truly seeing intermittent behavior then I would also suggest you send a note to and get some additional eyes on that. Let us know in this post what you discover! 

  • I have experienced exactly the same problem on the new report pages. And the response from Anaplan support has been the same.


    The solution we have found is to use in the same module line items with the QUARTERVALUE and YEARVALUE formulas that always reflect the same data in each month, depending on the quarter and year to which the original source data in months belong.


    I hope it helps.


  • Has there been any update on this nearly 2 years later? We are experiencing the exact same issue with Daily time and Monthly time only showing Months and I just found this thread. Little surprised that this still hasn't been fixed