Level 2 Model Building: Sprint 3, INV01 Inventory Ordering


Why are my values for forecast demand and suggested order amount for the month slightly off (by 2 units) at the SKU level? The amounts are off by larger amounts at the "All Products" level.


Also, how do I make it so that the Safety Stock Target will only show at the SKU level?



  • @MattRobinson 

    Very common question. Almost everyone that compares their INV01 to the course example notices that they're off by a few units. The course example is a little dated and doesn't reflect the actual results. So congratulations on that one, you're good to go! You haven't loaded the receipts yet, so your ending inventory is going to drop month over month. So it's also okay if you have a lot of stock exceptions. As for the safety stock, you can simply change the summary to "NONE" on that line item.

    Hope that helps. You got this!

  • Thanks Jared! I guess that is the best possible answer.