Upload local image on to UX pages or Dashboard




I have an image(JPEG file) in my desktop given by user which need to be displayed on UX pages. I can see URL option is available in Anaplan to upload images. Is there any other way for uploading local image files?. 






  • @Suman Reddy We cannot upload the image from local machine.

    We have handled the similar request by uploading the image on project SharePoint. You can then use the SharePoint URL in the dashboard.

    Let me know if this works. 

  • Hi @Suman Reddy 


    If images are confidential ,talk to your IT team to upload it on internal server, otherwise you can upload it on 'imgur.com' and use the link provided from there to show image.


    1.Create a system module for Images and add a text formatted line items for every image and paste link in those line items.

    2.Choose Image card in NUX and select the module and line item .




  • Thank you @abhay.kanik 

  • Thank you @jairamkamath .