Line Items Related to Purchase Orders : Confirmed PO Delivery (Level 2 Sprint 3)

  • Set the Confirmed PO Delivery line item to use the PO Submitted 1 value and OFFSET it based on the number of weeks between the order and delivery.

    For example, if a PO Submitted has a value in Week 1 and the Shipping Time Weeks has a value of 2, there would be a value of 1 in the Confirmed PO Delivery line item in Week 3.

According to the question I'm trying to generate the formula and what i think is if the shipping time week has value 2 then after 2 week PO submitted will get value 1.

So, according to my logic the formula should look like this "OFFSET(PO Submitted, -2, 0)"

and the actual formula should look like this "OFFSET(PO Submitted, -Shipping Time Weeks , 0)"


-ve sign because we want PO submitted after 2 week and 0 because we want other value to stay 0.


Is my logic correct? If my formula is wrong please help me to correct that


Thankyou ! 🙂


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  • JaredDolich
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    You're super close and your logic is spot on. However, there is a more efficient function you can use rather than using OFFSET. It's a bit of a trick question but the function they want you to study is the POST function. Take a look at that and see if you change your mind a bit.

    Correct Answer is: Confirmed PO Delivery = POST(PO Submitted, Final Shipping Time Weeks)