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I have a question about selective access.  I built the Stock Exception UX page and then continued to building the roles within Sprint 3.  I added selective access to my P2 list for one of the roles.  I was going back into my Stock Exception UX page to look at something and I don't have any data because it says my P2 list has selective access checked.  I went back into my user settings and I had removed all of my "test" settings for the roles I was testing, but I still can't see the data in my UX page.  I thought if you had full access any of the selective access options wouldn't effect you ability to see data.  Is that not correct?


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    Hi @LStinsa 


    So the selective access is related to limiting what items user has access to on list level , it is independent of the role , even if you have full access role , if for a list selective access is checked , then for the user , you need to go in users section and provide write / read access of that list to the user . Role access is related to modules / actions which the end user can see. 


    So as you told you had selective access enabled at p2 level , so yo need to go to users tab , there you will see p2 write / read against each user and provide access there 


    For eg - 



    this is list for which selective access is enabled and i have full access 


    so wherever that list is used as dimension , you cant view the data if access is not given to user irrespective of role 




    go to users tab and you can see for the list mark as selective access , column come for each user , so you can select write / read for that user and according to that data will come .


    hope this clarifies , for more knowledge on SA , please check this link 





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    Thank you!  That helps clarify what happened.  I appreciate your help.

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    Thanks a lot . 

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    I have another question about granting access.  I checked the selective access boxes for P1, P2, and P3.  When I went into my role, I was able to add all products under P1 and when I went to add products under P2 write I was able to select all the products, but when I hit the OK button all the products disappeared.  Do they not show up because there are too many products or because I have access to All Products?  





    I also went back and checked my distribution center UX page and some of my grids don't have data in them on the page **** when I go to edit the grid the data shows up.  Any suggestions why that happens?


    This is what I see when I go to edit the data:




  • hi @LStinsa 


    Yes since you gave yourself write to 'ALL products ' , so you will have automatically write to all child items 


    hence l2 is disappearing because you have write at top level 


    can you refresh the page after providing SA to yourself , maybe the grids will refresh


  • LStinsa

    Thank you!