NUX multiple source models


I have a number of models with identical structure and need a page which will run an action in the selected model. when I set this up with an action button.

Say that I have Model01 & Model02, each with actions Test 1, Test 2, Test 3, Test 4 and Test 5

Model 01 is a Copy of Model 02, but the Test X actions have been added after the models were cloned.

If I enable multiple source models in a page, add Model01 and Model02, add an Action Card and turn on Test 04 then I would expect Test 04 to run in the model selected on the page.

What I actually get is 

Model 1Model 2




When I preview the page, the Action runs Test 04 in Model 01 and (in this example) Test 05 in Model 2.

However, if I only work with actions that existed in the original model, the multiple source page appears to select the correct action and work as expected.


  • Hi @MCRaws65 


    Model01 & Model02 need to be structurally compatible, i.e. connected via ALM?