I want to find if a List item is present in a Line item(formated as earlier List) in a module


Use Case: Users enter values in a module M1 with dimension Project P1. They also enter their name in Line Item LI1 formated as ListUser L1 for projects they update values.

Now I want to find with boolean in ListUser Module M2 whether they entered any values or not. So I need to search in LI1 in M1 and return true in M2 if perticular list item of ListUser L1 present there.


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  • jasonblinn
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    In Module 1, you have a Line item which is Bool formatted and has the formula TRUE.


    In Module 2, you have a bool formatted line dimensionalized by User and a formula that says: Module1.TRUELineItem[ANY:User]





  • Thanks for the quick reply. It worked but there are few issues as earlier both Boolean and List formatted Li are in Subsidiary view. Now I created New module without time and used X[any:Y]