Source Model and moving model between workspaces

Hi All,

In one of my workspaces (Workspace1), I have two models HubModel1 and HubModel2 where some of the lists in HubModel2 are created based off saved views in HubModel1 (meaning the imports in HubModel2 are pointing to HubModel1.

Say, I want to move the models to a different workspace (Workspace2). Looking for options.

If I create a copy of HubModel1 as HubModelA and copy of HubModel2 as HubModelB in workspace2, I believe the link in the import would be broken because the import in the newly created HubModelB will still point to HubModel1 (which I am planning to delete). 

I see the option to create source model, however, from what I understand, it does not serve the purpose here. 

So is my option  - to move the two models to the new workspace (not importing as copy) which I believe is not allowed for ADMIN role, but I think it is something that we might need to request Anaplan to move? or not sure if Tenant admin will be able to do that. Attached screenshot to show the flow.

Any suggestion?




  • @khoonks 


    I think "Source Models"  in New Target Model i.e., Hub Model B is exactly where you should be looking at. Edit the mapping and map it to correct Source to New Hub Model A


    As a workspace admin you can for sure import or copy the model if it is in the same tenant. You don't have to ask Tenant admin or Anaplan Support to do that for you.



  • Hi @Misbah 

    I am aware that I can make a copy as a workspace admin. However, after I copy those applications to the new workspace and edit mapping in SOURCE MODELS section, I still see the the old application name in the source label and source object in the ACTIONS - > Imports tab. Moreover, I am planning to archive or delete the old application which is in workspace1. 

  • @khoonks 


    As far as I know it changes the Mapping in Source models,  it may not necessarily change the description of source labels but that doesn't mean the re-mapping has not been done  to the new source model.