Level1 Training 13.6.5



I am currently working on building the custom view in activity 13.6.5, however I do not understand how to do a time filtering.

I want to select only forecast period data (from Jan 20).

I think I should use the 'filter' icon, but cannot build the rule.


Thank you in advance! 






  • Misbah



    On the right side you see Anaplan is asking you to 


    Select Module -> Pick the module where the filter (which will drive filtering in target module) is located ie.SYS Time module

    Select Line Item  -> Pick the line item i.e, Forecast Period Line item in SYS Time module

    Condition -> TRUE

    Hope this helps


  • a1234

    It worked! Thank you so much!

  • JoeyV
    I am having the same issue, but when I pick the drop down to select the module where the filter is located, then SYS Time does not appear. Any idea why?
  • I'm having the same issue and have been trying to work it for the last two hours and cannot find the solution anywhere!

  • JoeyV

    I'm not sure which type of device you are using, but on my Mac I wasn't able to do this because the scroll bar was turned off in general preferences. I hope this helps.