Importing data from .csv files


Can you please explain how should I import the .csv File at the mapping stage?

How do i know what options to select under the SOURCE dropdown? what logic it uses so that the data can be displayed as desired in the model.

I am trying to import the subset file however it is a bit confusing as to what i should select in parent, code, etc. 




  • Misbah



    You will have to load E1 list before E2 List gets loaded. Assuming that you have already uploaded E1 list. you can map

    E1 list against Parent

    Code against Code

    and rest all from respective columns.

    Also make sure that you base your import on Codes. Meaning on the right side of the import window where it is asking "Items Uniquely Identified by" select Code and NOT Name or Concatenation of Properties


    Hope that helps


  • Archita

    thank you so much. i will try that