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Hello guys, 


I've noticed that my REV02 module doesn't have the annual summary columns like the screenshots from the video lessons have. I don't know where I've missed adding this, but I've only noticed the difference while doing the activity 13.9.1 UX page.  Can anyone share some tips on how I can fix this now? Thank you 






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  • abhay.kanik
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    'Any' will work better than All, It will turn on the summary even if any single item is selected in hierarchy.



  • @zolzaya 


    That is because of the filter that you have applied on the module. If you wish to include FY totals as well then you will have to include FY in the filter.



  • @zolzaya 

    You have to turn on the summary in the filter line item so that it will include the parents. use 'Any' for  Boolean .



  • Hello guys,


    Thanks for the tips but I still can't include the Sum in my filter. 

    This is my current configuration on the filter of this Saved View. 




  • @zolzaya 


    1. Go to SYS00 Time Setting Module
    2. Go to BluePrint mode of the module
    3. Find out Forecast Period? Line item
    4. Go to Summary of the Forecast Period Line item
    5. Change the Summary to All or Any from None.