Snapshotting Issue - Formula Summary for Time Periods



We are doing snapshots for some key metrics, and I'm facing an issue where a few of the source line items are %ages with a Formula summary for Time period. When these are being imported into the snapshot modules, the quarter value is being messed up because that can't have a Formula summary.


I figured I could create a few extra line items in the source module to capture the QUARTERVALUE of the required line items and use these for imports. But since these are subsidiary views now, I'd need to create a separate import action for each of them. 


Is there a better way to achieve this? 


Source Module: 








Target Module :




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  • Misbah
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    Just don't change the Time Format from Months to Quarters in the new line item, keep it Months only & use QUARTERVALUE function on it (so that no subsidiary view gets created) This way you will be able to run everything in one import.