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I have couple of questions related to new UX:
1. if or how a non workspace admin user can hide unhide columns on new UX?
2. And how can a non workspace admin user save his personal view on new UX?


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  • abhay.kanik
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    1.To hide or show line items in NUX you can create a LISS of those line items and then create a filter of that with Boolean line item. Publish that boolean on the dashboard which will filter out the line items they want to see.

    2. there is no option for users to create their own personal saved views. 





  • @da 

    Point 2: End users can create their own personal dashboards which are called (MY PAGES) in New UX. If the organization has enabled MY PAGES then the end users can create their own personalized Pages by clicking here . 


    End Users can create Personalized pages from the scratch or else if they want to take a copy of the App Page and and make that copied page as personalized page they can do that by going to app page and click on ellipsis and hit save personal copy.





  • Thanks @Misbah  for your reply!

    Can user create own page if they dont have 'Edit access' & they only want to hide the columns.




  • @da 


    Yes, end users can create their own pages even if they don't have page builder access.

    Yes, they can hide the columns.