autogenerate code based on form entries


Hi guys, 


im building a grid in an app wich will be populated by end users through a form.

 i've created an action with a form but the problem is:

my form has 5 entries which correspond to selected line items in my module. 3 of those are drop down lists and the others are manual entry type. im trying to generate a code based on the information entered into the form. the code should be a concatenation of some entries. 

i tried to add a formula like this since its not possible to concatenate on list.


account (drop down list)

year(manual entry)

amount(manual entry)

currency(drop down list)

type(drop down list)

i tried this formula but it didnt work   

code: CODE(account)&CODE(type)&CODE(currency)

is it even possible to generate a code based on the values selected and entered in a form?


Thanks in advance 🙂

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  • Misbah
    Answer ✓



    Try this

    Code of Account: CODE( Account)

    Code of Type : CODE(Type)

    Code of Currency: CODE(Currency)

    Concatenation: Code of Account & Code of Type & Code of Currency





  • Misbah



    1. CODE(Account)

    2. CODE(Type)

    3. CODE(Currency)


    And then concatenate these



  • pdekas
    code line item is in text format so it doesnt work when i try to concatenate the others line item(list format) by doing CODE(NAME(line item )) & CODE(NAME(line item 2))