Level 2 Sprint 1- Import Data & Add Formula



I'm stuck with the activity mentioned in the subject. When I try to add the formula for the Code line item it throws an error(PFA Screenshot). Also, can someone please help me with importing the data correctly? PFA Screenshots. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.


Thanks in advance.



  • abhi1017

    Hi @TamparaDora ,


    In order to populate this module :-

    1. This module should be dimensioned by P3 SKU. Check whether P3 SKU list has been populated with the data. If not, first populate the P3 SKU list.

    2. Once step 1 is complete. In the SYS08 module, CODE lineitem will accept the formula you have written above.

    3. Now, the task is to populate the data in distribution center line item in SYS08 module from the excel file provided in course content. While creating an import action MAP:-

    CODE (Lineitem in module)  >>  CODE(Column in excel sheet)

    Distribution Center (Lineitem in module)  >> Distribution Center (Column in excel sheet)

    Product Lineitem in module can be driven by formula as its parent of SKU so formula can be PARENT(ITEM('P3 SKU'))

    If you have problems in the import actions, check the existing actions in the model, similarly follow and map for the action you are creating.